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Panama City, Florida

Panama City's Premier Theater Guide.

We have included the local Movie Theaters in Panama City with a Photo of each location for your viewing pleasure. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you as our reader for helping to make your Panama City Sun Movie Theater Guide Section of our site, one of the top viewed movie and film information guides anywhere in the entire World on the Cinema Experience Enjoyed here within our Panama City, Fl. & beaches area. This started out as a small off section of our site and has grown into quite community film entertainment beacon for locals and tourist from everywhere while visiting here on our sugar white and crystal clean shores of Panama City Beach!

Here in Panama City, we have some very nice Theatres and we hope this guide will make your selection that much easier when you are trying to figure out which flick you want to catch here either in the City or on the Beach ! We are a little curious about the popularity of digital projection systems in the local Theaters. If you are a Manager or have substantial knowledge as to your facility and would like to share what digital investments your theater has made in either 2D or even the New 3D Digital Projection and Digital Playback Storage/Delivery Systems. We would love to cover it here on your Panama City Sun site. 

The Movies are great fun here in Panama City and our Bay County Beach area. First run premium movies or you can even catch a Flick For just over a Buck ! Here in the Land of Fun & Sun, We have great Movies & Great Times just waiting for you. There is so much happening here in P.C. and here with your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide. We bring it to you in your home, office, hotel room or even on your cell phone front and center while you visit us or you can even show your friends back home about all the fun you had while visiting us here in Panama City Beach !

You can find  almost all about any of your favorite movies here in the Bay County area. You can find the newest release hottest blockbuster movies or movies that are not so new here in Panama City. Premium Theatre Experience Or Great Flicks On A Budget. Here on your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide. We really try and showcase it all for you on one easy to use site with all of your favorite Movie Cinema & Film Theatres as close as a click of your mouse!

Each of the Movie Theaters has a link allowing you to see current movies listed, prices and show times for each theater with complete location and theatre schedule information. 

So what next? Now let's find a great movie to see. Now let's just decide who's buying the popcorn this time for another great movie here in the PCB area.

Movie Theater Listings Are Here !

Carmike Cinema 10

Carmike Cinema's 10 Theaters (Show Information Web Site.)

Carmike Cinemas is a well established Movie Theatre operator offering a variety and diversity of Theaters based out of Columbus, Georgia. Here in Panama City as you can see, They have two locations. This one and a discount showplace in the Original Panama City Mall listed below.

4049 W 23rd Street

Panama City, Florida

(850) 913-9291

4 Great Movies In The Panama City Mall & It's Most Affordable Too!

Carmike Cinema Mall 4 (Show Information Web Site.)

There are so many great entertainment values in the Bay County Area and the Carmike Cinema Mall 4 is definitely at the top of the list where affordable family entertainment comes in. 

$2.00 Admission Theater!, These are always Fun !) 2 DOLLAR BONUS VALUE !

One of the great things about living in or visiting here in Bay County is we definitely get to enjoy affordable movies. It's always neat to take in a movie for only $2.00 If it's a great movie. We feel great like we got a real bargain! With the rising prices of movies today. It's certainly nice to have a second run movie theater that gives us a most affordable outing. If it's not so great. Well we are only out a couple of bucks! This theater is conveniently located within the Original Panama City Mall in Panama City,  The Actual City & Not on the Beach. There are a lot of  great values when you come  back into Panama City from the beach area just waiting for you in Panama City, Florida.

The Grand Theatre 16 In Pier Park On Panama City Beach!

The Grand Theatre 16, Pier Park (Show Information Web Site.)

500 South Pier Park,

Off 16200 Panama City Beach Parkway, Back Beach Road, 98. Accessible from Either the Beach Parkway or Front Beach Road Areas. The Grand Theatre is operated by Southern Theatres and is of course located in our now World Famous Pier Park toward the back closer to Back Beach road. There has been quite an interest and enthusiasm in in Pier Park and The Grand Theater is a major part of it. A spacious 16 Plex Modern Cinema which is walking distance to Panama City Beach. It has become quite an icon to the PCB area. If you are staying on the beach and you want to catch a flick, The Grand Theatre will be your choice.

Panama City Beach, Florida 32413

Showtimes Automated Ticketing Voice Prompt Menus.

(850) 236-2990 or  888-943-4567 (88894Films)

Information (850) 233-4835

Regency Stadium 11 Theatre

Regal Regency Stadium 11 Theatres (Show Information Web Site.)

The Regency Stadium 11 is operated by Regal Entertainment Group and located in the Actual Panama City conveniently located to local restaurants and hotels on West 23rd Street. This is a big Theater and the largest in the City of Panama City.

1515 West 23rd Street

Panama City, Florida

(850) 763-3657 or (850) 763-4023

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